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I love the videos, I've been trying to teach my ASL for years, but have yet to find a program as clear and accurate (and enjoyable) as this. 🙂


Learning from you was amazing! Plus, you're so nice, and make us feel like we're only doing one-on-one classes. I would recommend it to anyone who's beginning to learn ASL. Rochelle Barlow rocks!

My signing improved really fast! It's only been like a month and a half, two months tops, and I feel like I've known my alphabet forever! I improved a lot with my FS accuracy and speed, and I'm learning something new everyday. Thanks to you, it really became a passion for me!

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You want to learn ASL and progress at a consistent rate you need to first evaluate where you are and then plan how to get to where you want to go. Use this self assessment to figure it out.
The first 100 signs everyone should know when learning ASL. Build a solid foundation as you learn sign language and it'll pay off later. Get the free checklist and access to the receptive 100 signs quiz to test your knowledge.
Maybe you don't think your kids are gifted. That's okay, you can STILL use a rigorous curriculum designed for gifted students to stretch their abilities.

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Grab the free 100 Signs checklist + gain access to the signs video + receptive quiz video.

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  1. Hi,
    I have been practicing ASL for going in two months now alone can you send me some recommendations of how I can practice more. Do you have any worksheets or words you can send me to help me learn more. Or even advice I am starting to watch your YouTube channel its very helpful.

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